DayZ Xbox One Icons, What Do They Mean?

One of the common questions about the game is the DayZ Xbox One icons, what do they mean? Here are the swift details on what each of those little shape icons on the bottom right of your screen actually represent.

They're simple to understand and it should be noted that they'll change based on your interactions within the world. White is a healthy good amount; Yellow is an indicator that you need to fix something and Red is danger, you need to fix the problem fast.

If you're seeing a Blinking Red, you're likely to die in the near future. Arrows indicate whether things are improving or getting worse. The meaning of the Day Z Xbox icons left to right are "health, blood, infectious agents, core temperature, energy (food) and water".

Sometimes a pill icon will appear, this means you've consumed something that's made you unhealthy. If you're seeing rain drops that means you're wet from the rain. Hopefully this explains what they all mean in an easy to understand format. Check out our Xbox One X preview of the game below for the console version or check out the hub for a ton of coverage on this port of the title.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner