DayZ Xbox One Server Population Size

One of the main questions that is often asked is just how many players can be in a server on the Xbox One version of DayZ. The answer is that the DayZ Xbox One server population size is 60 at a time. This could change at any point, but at launch this is the set quantity of individuals that can be thrown into one world at any given time.

These are persistent places where people come and go at any time. You're unable to join as a squad, but can enter the same map and the play together if you'd like to work with other friends. The game brings the full might of multiple players interacting at once with zombies and other variables thrown into this wild mix of crazed action. Get ready to loot as there will certainly be a pile of others competing for those valuable resources. Should be a grand time for fans of the game.

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DayZ Xbox One Server Population Size Screenshot

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner