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After a short time in the Xbox Game Preview, DayZ Xbox One X is playing better and generally they've fixed a number of issues. I've been playing it fairly heavily as there seems to be a demand on Youtube for me to do so, with that I thought I'd write about the changes thus far. They haven't exactly added anything new yet content wise, but their plans have been stated as hoping to bring at least base building type functionality to the game prior to 2019. This is in the form of tents and barrels among other things, with the "base building" aspect being a naming distinction for it that players would be familiar with.

That aside, I'm actually impressed with the dedication to fixing the game's problems. They've actually been quick on support and while the updates haven't all worked out properly, there's an effort to tweak it for the better. This is far different than the DayZ I've been familiar with on the standalone PC version. That has made me very hesitant with this iteration, and I'll give my judgment for it after an extended period of time. It's too early to see how dedicated they are, but with the way Xbox has been curating their preview program and the quicker updates from the developers it's looking promising.

For context, DayZ is sort of a niche survival game. It's very hardcore and a slower experience where you're rewarded once you gain the knowledge to survive. There are no defined goals and you're just attempting to live in this apocalypse. They give you many tools to survive and no details on how to do so. It's up to you to venture through this world discovering things and trying to live past mistakes. Zombies aren't really a problem being more of nuisance, it's really people (bandits) or hunger that will be your downfall.

It's a very interesting title and certainly a type of persistent world that's not for everyone. That aside, I have been very impressed with the Xbox One X version of DayZ which is enhanced with 4k though no HDR support. It actually looks really good visually with a far draw distance. It renders well with minimal pop-in and you can't really tell there's any sort of loading for the grass as you walk or run around. The zombies act fairly well and there's no performance problems. There are other issues such as the servers, but those are much better now. Other than that it seems like small bugs here or there, it's not bad.

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