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"More Blob"


If you've played the game in the past you're not going to be getting much of an improvement here. Thought that was worth mentioning right away, it's the same situation with the first re-release. With the de Blob 2 you continue splashing color and music throughout a series of worlds across fairly long levels. The formula is essentially the same aside from some minor upgrades to the experience. You're able to play with two players locally in coop as a robot joins the fold and is your guide for the single player. The colorless folk control large areas and once again you must liberate the people.

It's similar to the last game while being slightly darker in terms of the narrative, though I'm sure the younger audience won't catch on to the themes at play. While working through the story you're also against a clock, this can be raised through the completion of the tasks and there are many per area. Aside from regular objectives there are side ones to do as well and many smaller mini side platforming areas which were alright. There's a lot of content to the main campaign, though the game is almost exactly the same as the first.


You basically move around as this circular type entity rubbing against building to ignite them with color. It's a bleak world until you arrive and get the party going. The music is handled well being mixed into the theme of color and how you interact with each threat. There are multiple enemies to tackle and some fair variation over the original. Visually this is a direct port so it does look a bit rough around the edges, especially at 4k.

The cutscenes get hit the worst however since it looks like lower rendered cinematics which is disappointing because the video they're displaying is typically great in quality of what's in the scene. The platforming is alright, it's not a very difficult game as you hop around gathering items and slamming yourself against buttons. There are a pile of collectibles to obtain and some other smaller challenges throughout.
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The Conclusion

de Blob 2 is a fine title, it's about the same as the first and essentially the same version as its last generation counterpart. I didn't mind playing this finding it generally fun and a great fit for the younger audience. The levels are decently long and there's definitely a fine amount of content present. It's great to be able to play in local coop and some of the small refinements or well additions were nice to see.

This is however the same game that originally launched in the last generation and they really didn't upgrade the visuals. Those have aged alright, though it would have been nice to see this title cleaned up a bit more instead of being a direct port. Again, I'm sure the younger audience will enjoy playing it as it is rather easy while being a minor improvement over the first game.

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de Blob 2 Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner