Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare Review

"Bus Trip"


Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare is a simple, yet strangely complex strategy game where you battles hordes of the undead. The goal here is to work across levels improving your troops and transport along the way.

You get a sort of road map from which you explore and select levels to play. There are core and challenge missions present with the option to jump ahead as you collect stars. For the most part I liked the star based system per level as you worked forward yet it did bottleneck quite a bit towards the fourth chapter and it became harder to progress so you'd have to replay levels which I find annoying.

There's not really a story here, but you get a sense of progression as the terrain does greatly change over the course of the chapters. I do however wish there was something more to the game as it feels like a quick port just having original content with no other modes present.


Visually Dead Ahead provides a pixel style artwork that looks great and is highly detailed. There are great scenes present and a variety of environments to visit. The characters look excellent and there are a pile of them to collect. You do this by leveling up, spending coin and then upgrading them further. Each character does something different and you're able to build your own squad of choices.

You earn a special currency within a level that allows you to spawn survivors so you'll need to balance that for the right moments to get better numbers out there. Opposing zombies or other forces attack from the direction you're headed and the goal is to take out the barrier to drive ahead. There's also a blood points system that allows specialty items to be used. The enemies are greatly varied and there are so many special effects to the numbers.
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The Conclusion

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare may be a relatively simple and straight forward title, but it works for some interesting strategy time. I wish there was more to the package, but it was enjoyable and challenging. It starts out easy enough teaching all the essentials and it comes down to strategy as you progress further along.

There are many levels and chapters to work towards with a star based system ranking how well you do. The undead is hungry, you're wanting to escape and it's an exciting battle to press forward. There's some good complexity here as you upgrade, use power-ups and adapt to the various zombies that get thrown your way.

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Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 6.7

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner