Dead by Daylight Google Stadia Review

"Dead by Cloud Light"


October 16, 2020 at 2:07am
By Jason Stettner

This is an asymmetrical multiplayer experience where four players attempt to survive against a killer. You’re able to jump into either role, working together to turn on generators or eliminating those very survivors. The latter being the role of a killer, and the former being the survivors if that wasn’t clear.

It’s a well balanced situation, and a game I’ve been playing for many years. I’ve seen it grow, be further developed and with this Stadia version they’ve got a really solid package available. If you’re worried about playing with others, this does feature cross-play so you don’t have to worry about ever finding matches. That’s great, as at times the multiplayer in Stadia titles is somewhat dead, nothing to worry about here of course.

While the core of the game is rather simple, it’s the deeper mechanics that make it so enticing. You’ll be going into each match with your goal, and attempting to achieve it through direct means. You performance earns you blood points, and those can unlock new items or perks to use during matches.


As a survivor you’re trying to turn on generators. These are spaced out across the various distinct maps. You’ll be trying to get these going which takes time, while also evading a dangerous killer. There are other things you can do on a map too, such a deal with totems or open crates for a special bonus item.

As the killer you need to eliminate the survivors using your particular killer’s special abilities. These are unique to each killer, so it’ll take time to understand what each monstrous figure brings to the table. Both sides have a wealth of characters, from gaming IP such as Silent Hill to movies like Saw or A Nightmare on Elm Street. These are split into various DLC packs if you want to play as either, but that doesn’t lock you out from the enjoyment of seeing those characters in action when playing.

Even if you don’t buy the extra content, you can still experience all of the maps and special additions to the package which is nice as it continues to provide growth for the core offering. The maps are fairly detailed, and provide unique atmospheres. It’s really quite exciting as they also change each match, providing something slightly different for great replayability.

Across maps you’ll find spots to hide, objects to hop over and some other blocking options to aid you. This ran fairly well on Google Stadia, I have the base option which provides a 1080p stream. It’s decent visually, though I am typically use to a higher resolution that you might get through the Pro option. For context I was getting 65/16mb for a connection, facing a slight stutter here or there though that was likely due to some external extensive network usage. When calm, it did run quite smoothly.
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The Conclusion

Dead by Daylight on Google Stadia delivers a solid take on the game providing cross-play for guaranteed matches and the entirety of the core experience. It’s really come a long way and you can see those years of development here with this release.

You get the balanced gameplay from years of development on other platforms, and a generally polished release. It’s very fun to play, provides some chills during matches and a variety of unique characters to play as. That’s the case whether you’re taking on the role of a survivor, or hunting those very individuals as a killer.

It’s got extensive meta, seasonal events and unique blood trees to work through that grant some special items for matches. There’s an in-depth perk system to tweak how you play, and you’ll always be working towards new content in a game that’s continuously fun to play. It’s very engaging and this is a good take on it.

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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner