Dead Rising 3 Review

"Welcome to the After Party"


Right off the bat I'll go forth to note that this is the complete definition of what this generation of gaming is going to offer. There is no other game at launch that shows off the true potential of the consoles like Dead Rising does. With an open world that doesn't have any loading and is filled with almost an unlimited amount of things to do. Many will mark the game down for its graphics or style, this truly feels like a completely upgraded Dead Rising game that makes every other title feel small in comparison.

Bringing in a more casual mode whilst not removing the nightmare mode was genius and allows you to experience the game based on skill or dedication to the difficulty. As in every past title the game is based around a time limit that can be more relaxed or not do to the mode your on, so basically complete the story before the bomb to escape. This obviously leads to the always fun overtime mode that gives you more story in the world you love. That's only one more thing it does perfect is somehow bringing in a balance of story while not taking away from the free roaming style you expect.

If you're a fan of the series or even fresh the plot will amaze with some great appearances and hilarious mentions from the past. Of course psychopaths have returned with many taking a very art style to them with more crazed and sickened folks than ever before. After a few of these fights some actually stuck and presented a real horror that had never been present in the lightened series before. Everything is darker and grittier while still retaining the feel the makes the game the next entry, I'll actually go as far as saying there is too many zombies running around and it may lead to some fatigue for even intense individuals.

While cruising through all these hordes there are a ton of random things to explore to the side with so many side missions, extra psychopaths, save people, collectables or even other crazy things to build. All the content just seems to never end and there are so many shops to explore while collecting things to use or shape with the build anywhere combo system.

All of this gets even better if you grab a friend to take the city of Los Perdidos and just venture around doing whatever you choose. The city itself is well divided which got annoying at times, but I can see the extra time this creates and there were some funny glitches that didn't take away, but were quite amusing. As always uncover the secrets and solve the mystery in this amazing open world.
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The games multiplayer side is handled in coop with progression being carried back and forth with your overall leveling done throughout all play. There's also the ability to use smart glass in order to send out some in game assistance while your playing.

Level progression was far better done this time around allowing you to pick and choose where your points go as you level as opposed to the game choosing where points are set, so if you need more health or damage you can choose it. The world itself looks great with open rendering and tons of zombies while you can combo weapons anywhere.

The emotion is of a higher quality with the main character Nick seeming almost too whiny for my taste. It's just crazy that they are able to create such a smooth world with limited issues and tons of destruction all around.
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The Conclusion

This is the defining title for the launch of this generation, every game will be attempting to create something that can compare for a few years to come. Just as the original Dead Rising defined the 360, Dead Rising 3 has helped send a message that almost anything will be possible. I have never faced so many zombies and been so traumatized by those crazy psychopaths. There are so many things to do and Dead Rising 3 promises too many hours of gameplay.

Dead Rising 3 Review on Xbox One

Rating Overall: 10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner