Dead Rising 4 Cases

Dead Rising 4 features the return of Frank West in a streamlined story experience across a focused campaign. The story for Dead Rising 4 is about five-six hours in length depending on how fast you move through it with that being my walkthrough time minus the edits. There are six cases in the story and one prologue mission. It's not entirely long to be honest and with less side content quite a bit slower, the cases and their names are below.

Dead Rising 4 Cases and Frank West Lightsaber

Case 0 - Minigolf Night
The prologue that follows Frank West and his student Vick exploring a military base.

Case 1 – Door Crasher Special
Frank West and the ZDC agent crash into the mall

Case 2 – Invasion on Main Street
Frank West heads through the main street of the city to meet with possible contacts

Case 3 – Shit’s Getting Science
With news on the creator of the original zombie virus, Frank West heads out to find the research

Case 4 – Drop the Base
The military base has the clues and Frank heads there to find out

Case 5 – Man of the Year
Everything is coming together, Frank needs to work with his friends to get everything into place

Case 6 – Eye on the Prize
Someone has stolen Frank's evidence, it's time to get it back and escape this forsaken city

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