Dead Rising 4 Clothing Guide

Dead Rising 4 once again amps it up with a wide range of clothing that you can wear and collect in the game. At launch there's 317 clothing items that can be collected within Willamette's close neighborhoods and the classic memorial mall.

To collect clothing you simply just wear the items and then they get added to your closet. The closet can be accessed from any of the many mirrors within the world and it's sorted by the following categories of which I've grabbed a photo for each. I've also included guides for certain special clothing sets which can be found lower down the page.

Outfits: 72 Items

Dead Rising 4 Outfits and Clothing collection

Chest: 79 Items

Dead Rising 4 Shirts and Clothing collection

Pants: 49 Items

Dead Rising 4 Pants and Clothing collection

Shoes: 38 Items

Dead Rising 4 Shoes and Clothing collection

Face Styles: 18 Items

Dead Rising 4 Faces and Clothing collection

Heads: 61 Items

Dead Rising 4 Heads and Clothing collection

Leprechaun Outfit

Dead Rising 4 Leprechaun Outfit
This fun costume gives you the option to cheer like the Irish with a full lucky costume. It can be found within Cochrane's Irish Pub in Old Town which is the first city you visit after leaving the mall.

Dead Rising 4 Leprechaun Location at Cochrane's Irish Pub

Street Fighter Outfits

Dead Rising 4 Street Fighter Outfits
Fans of Street Fighter will definitely enjoy this selection, there's a full costume and some other small outfit bits that can be found within this comic shop. It's also got a pile of Street Fighter posters, comics and other fun gear to take a look at. This is on the second level located at the bottom left of the mall.

Dead Rising 4 Street Fighter Location at Super Punch Comics

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