Death Road to Canada Review

"Going Home"


Death Road to Canada is basically a strategy game where you attempt to survive the journey to the great white north with a small squad. At the start you can select two players, play cooperatively in local two player multiplayer and then get driving. There are options to completely customize your characters and even do so with extras. These extras will then appear throughout your journeys. There are multiple modes to play and these alter the style of how things progress.

It's a rather intense game with matches possibly taking a really long time depending on your choice of mode. They can be continued if you need to go somewhere however. They're very interesting as the game mostly plays itself event wise with you making decisions and then actively looting. People die, you collect loot and it's quite intense. Narrative wise you make your own story as you play deciding what happens or where to go.


Looting as you go around stabbing or shooting any creatures that get in the way. It can be deadly out there, especially during Siege situations. In these moments the undead don't stop rushing so you'll need to keep running around until the timer ticks out. It can be difficult, yet rewarding if you do manage to survive.

You're constantly getting new squad members as anyone could bite the dust and you'll need to use caution when deciding which missions to tackle as they vary in zombie irritation. Inventory management is simple, yet works well and combat has a nice set of nuances to it. I really liked the artwork with the pixel style being sharp and visceral.
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The Conclusion

The Death Road to Canada is filled with sorrow and loss, with only the toughest of survivors going all the way. The combat is well done, the style looks unique and I thought the strategy elements were great. It's a fun game to play as you attempt to loot whatever resources you can and then use them during the journey.

You travel on either vehicle or foot with dangers at every corner. You never know what's going to happen and every single playthrough is its own distinct adventure. This keeps it fresh if you want to play the game multiple times which is what it's essentially designed for. It may be tough at the start, but that's the fun of the challenge and you'll get a hold on things quickly.

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Death Road to Canada Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner