Deep Rock Galactic Classes Guide

In Deep Rock Galactic classes are an important part of the experience being the base for how a team is compiled. There are four options presently available within the game that each fill a particular niche within the experience. I've placed the details below to be a guide for what each class has. Keep in mind that the characters are relatively the same, but balancing your dwarf squad can bring benefits. You'll level with each class so you may find it harder to switch to other options after playing for awhile.

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You get the platform gun that shoots climbable platforms into any surface and the automated sentry turrets which lay down blistering hails of support fire. Other items include the combat shotgun and the devastating grenade launcher.

You get to sit at the forefront of any battle with the high-caliber minigun and heavy duty revolver. You are also equipped with a handy zipline launcher that allows the entire team to scale across any chasm or obstacle.

With the Driller you get two titanium powerdrills as hands to clear any obstacle or blocked tunnel fast. Drills make short work of most close enemies and for longer range battles you have a heavy duty flamethrower. Keep in mind that your powerdrills do have a cool down.

You get the powerful flare gun that can light the entire way for your team to see. Scout ahead with your grappling hook to get almost anywhere. On top of that you're equipped with an assault rifle and a sawed off shotgun.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner