Deliver Us The Moon Review

"To Save Them All"


April 30, 2020 at 4:24am
By Jason Stettner

This is a narrative driven experience that really feels like an action movie in space, but within a game format. It brings a slower, realistic style to the mission and this works very well for what feels like a largely epic time. Things are bad, the Earth is becoming more of a desert and a last ditch effort on the moon has gone dark for years after a blackout. As an engineer you’re sent there in a desperate mission to power up the planet and save what remains of humanity.

Along the way you’re attempting to discover what happened, while fighting off various problems. It leans into sci-fi elements and brings a really intriguing sort of time. It’s hard to really dive into without spoiling what happens, and it’s best to experience this freshly. It’s nothing too crazy in terms of content, or wildly out there and it keeps things focused which was great to witness.

This is presented largely in third person, but at times you get a more intense first person perspective and some grand cinematics. I will note that strangely the Earth seemed low resolution, compared to everything else that was great. The narrative is also delivered while playing regularly, and through holographic playbacks. The two work together in a satisfying way.


This carries a more laid back atmosphere where you’re moving realistically slow in space. You’ll drift along in the first person or perhaps bounce lightly against the Moon’s surface while in third person. It’s a linear experience, with a little sense of freedom. For the most part you’ll be solving basic puzzles, and then progress while the narrative is revealed to you.

There’s not really combat, with only a slight increase difficulty wise towards the end when a level of stealth is required. You can sort of run through this portion, it’s the only area that’s got some difficulty to it. For the most part you’re just swapping power capsules, or lasering things open. That makes it sound simple and shallow, but that’s not all the case here.

I will mention that a couple of the goals felt a bit repetitive, with only minor variations on them. This was the towers aspect of play, but for the most part it did feel rather fresh in each area you visited. There are also collectibles and some secrets to find if you take your time looking around. It’s a fleshed out environment, and quite an intriguing mystery.

This game was also Xbox One X enhanced, it had 4k 30fps and 1080p 60fps options to choose between. Both had some stutters or dips to them, but they don’t really impact the experience. I found the more fluid choice was better for some moments, whereas the beauty of the 4k version was better for the slower sections.
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The Conclusion

Deliver Us The Moon is a great narrative driven adventure that feels like a space based action movie turned into a game. This sounds odd, but it seriously delivers and is a grand time to play through. Some elements might seem a tad basic, such as with the puzzles but the big parts hit well.

It carries itself in an interesting way, and it would be neat to have other similar titles out there. Ones that push the story, while still having entertaining gameplay with an edge of a challenge to it. It’s really quite a well done time, and fun to easily work through in a single sitting.

There’s something truly epic about launching off from the Earth on a desperate mission, and feeling the full pressure of the journey as you’re humanity’s last hope. They play with the sci-fi elements while keeping it grounded in the realms of realism which I did appreciate. This was a great time, certainly an enjoyable play.

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Deliver Us The Moon Review on Xbox One X

Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner