Deliver Us The Moon RTX Preview

February 15, 2020 at 1:55am
By Jason Stettner

My latest dive into the world of RTX included Deliver Us The Moon, a game about space and the future of our planet. My journey was brief, and one focused on the addition of DLSS. This is a wonderful technology that aims to deliver us the high end visuals we desire, while not having to sacrifice our performance.

It’s all about hitting those ray tracing goals, while not losing a certain level of quality that we’ve gotten used to over the years. For context, I’m set up with a RTX 2080Ti with an i9 9900k. I tested the three DLSS modes, to get an idea of what this was running at.

I maxed out every setting at a native 4k resolution and went wild. Now, the game itself doesn’t include a way to monitor performance so I was using the Xbox Game Bar to get an idea of the averages using its FPS monitoring options.
Deliver Us The Moon rtx ray tracing
The first I tested was quality, as I love resolution and I don’t like losing it to have the fancy extra features rolling. Here I was getting a 56fps average when playing. When I flipped the switch to the performance mode I was getting a locked 60fps. When I selected balanced which is the third and final DLSS option I was also getting a 60fps locked.

I did take things a step further, and I turned off DLSS entirely while keeping my other settings the same. Once that started rolling I was hitting 31fps on average, and therefore the stable performance was tanked entirely. So, what sort of boosts are we getting with fancier visual options?

The game contains opaque reflections, transparent reflections and shadows. You can get a good look at this within the photo. Seeing the astronaut appear within the window, the mirroring of items on the floor and the really great shadows that come across as perfect. It’s quite impressive, especially when you turn it off and take a look around.

When on; the board in the photo bounced back on the floor, the lights above were clearly reflected in the floor and the window was a mirror to another world. You could see so many objects that were in the room you’re in, then turning that setting off it just vanished. It’s something subtle, but adds to the realism and is something that’s still so fresh when it comes to games. This title really does look great, with a very stacked environment in terms of what’s in it.

It’s calming, and rather excellent in terms of visual quality. This is a shorter dive into the game to look at these features, and the results are great. I’m sure this will be an awesome addition for fans of the experience and perhaps a neat look at the future tech coming into titles going forward. You can read a preview of the Metro Exodus taking advantage of RTX, or that general hub for additional coverage.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner