Destiny 2: Forsaken Gambit E3 2018 Preview

Destiny 2: Forsaken was one of the key displays at Activision's E3 2018 with a focus on Gambit for the show floor. This is where I was able to play a couple rounds of the competitive multiplayer offering. This is a twist on things however as you're not directly competing against others. You're essentially battling your own group of AI controlled enemies while the other team is doing the same. At certain points cross-overs happen where a player gets sent into the other group's areas and can cause chaos. It is heavily suggested you remove them from living quickly when they invade. It's wild in that sense and a different take on the multiplayer experience.

For the most part you're just attempting to collect these crystals and then inserting them into a device to score points. It's simply enough, yet apparently not for my team. Whatever the case was score wise I was impressed by the offering as it's entirely different from what you're probably used to playing in Destiny 2. It's not anything revolutionary for sure, but a new way to play the game. It could very well attract players that don't like direct competition, but still want that sense of online conflict. This is very cooperative in nature so that may also be an enticing factor.
Destiny 2: Forsaken Gambit Screenshot
There isn't a whole lot to go on about with this single mode. It's certainly the same Destiny 2 experience, but displayed in a new way. Players are sent to either side and then what shows up is sort of random. The enemies are chosen just prior to the match loading and then you need to battle almost waves of them. They come in bursts with various ranks and based on what you're targeting will determine what sort of crystals you get out an elimination.

It's then a scramble to grab the items that give you a score as you're being blasted away from enemy reinforcements. This is of course all team based so it's best to balance out what everyone is working on to be more successful. It's then round based so you'll get another chance at it if the other team strikes first for victory. The element of a player appearing in your arena of war is quite a dynamic as well. It should be interesting to see how the community reacts to Gambit, but I welcome the change-up. This hands-on time at E3 2018 was on Playstation 4 Pro whereas I'm used to be on Xbox One X.

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