Destiny 2: Warmind Review

"New Places, Short Story"


Destiny 2: Warmind is the second expansion for the game that provides an even shorter campaign than the first and some other small content. Battle across Mars and other locations you've visited in the past to deal with this new weapon. It's all about capturing the power of this long forgotten tool while getting to use a legendary Valkyrie weapon which is so badass. To the side of that is a laree in scale new enemy that is basically a massive worm.

This is definitely a short venture, but one that feels fresh with unique environments. I liked the attention to detail within the areas and there were some neat things to explore. There's a new Strike, "Strange Terrain" to tackle and a new activity. I also liked the additional new member of the cast this campaign was focused around. She was however greatly under used and that was definitely a shame. They need to use their roster of characters better, instead of making them an item to kickstart events.
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The Conclusion

Destiny 2: Warmind is better than the first expansion, but still lacks the heart of something great. The narrative isn't very well done leaving a confusing conclusion in its wake. I'm not sure the point of this one and with it being so short I'm not sure the value is here.

Some side activities are present and they did a good job with the fresh environments you get to battle within. It isn't anything new enemy wise and the lack of their new character in terms of the narrative was disappointing. By the end of this I'm not sure what we've accomplished and I'll probably forget my time running through this. Still, far better than "Curse of Osiris" I suppose.

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Rating Overall: 5.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner