Die For Valhalla! Review

"From the Grave!"


Die For Valhalla! is a side scrolling brawler where you play as a phantom, or well ghost that's out to battle against everything. You accomplish this by using mystical abilities to conjure dead heroes of the past and then taking over their bodies for war. This is split between a number of levels across the campaign with a selection in how you progress. There's a map to move along with boss fights and special situations throughout the journey.

You're able to choose a path of sorts and there are many levels to work through that each bring something new. If that's not enough, there's a survival type mode as well where you take on waves of enemies within a smaller battlefield, these largely borrow from the campaign. This can be enjoyed locally by yourself or with a total of four players at once in coop. Having extra players can be fun for the deathmatch mode. In general the campaign can be enjoyed in two core ways, the first is geared towards rogue-lite whereas the other is more of a traditional brawler style.


The worlds are randomized using modules and that works well with keeping things fairly fresh. I enjoyed the environments finding them to match the theme of the world and being highly detailed. There were tons of different biomes to explore and lots of damage to cause as destructible objects are always present. Core gameplay revolves around death so you're able to mix things up a lot. The dead heroes you get to take over have differing weapons and abilities so each situation might require any of the fighters. This also allows for a mix and match sort of thing where you can find one that works best for a particular area.
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The Conclusion

Die for Valhalla! is a fine brawler offering a number of ways to play whether you want to do that alone or with up to four others. It has options for any party size within the parameters and multiple ways to play. At the heart is a brawling adventure where you battle across distinct terrains fighting creatures and bosses on the way to glory. Death is just a factor as you're constantly jumping into new bodies to keep the fight going. It provides some decent gameplay time if you like this type of genre and want something that mixes it up a bit.

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Die For Valhalla! Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner