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Star Wars: Rogue One

The disappointments of Disney Infinity's cancellation continue as a number of new and exciting sets have been mentioned. The first up is what would have been a Star Wars: Rogue One wave. This wave was supposed to include the entire core cast from the film along with a playset. The confirmed figures included Jyn Erso, Baze Malbus and K-2SO among possible others from the squad would have been available. The figures were apparently almost complete while the playset was only in early testing and production being developed by Ninja Theory.
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Disney Infinity Star Wars: Rogue One Baze Malbus


Maui and Moana were being worked on for a small line in Disney Infinity 3.0 before cancellation. The Maui character model was worked on by BAllen while the Moana character model was MThorup (the source portfolio below). From the brief description of the characters along with an image of the set it would have appeared that Moana would have been part of a level playset whereas Maui would be a separate character to pick-up. Moana's set looks to have come with a wave type piece that are the level unlocking pieces.
Info Source: B Allen's Artspace Portfolio

Disney Infinity Moana set

Special Individual Figures

There were another two images I came across including a special edition Jack Skeleton holding a snowflake over some pumpkins. This would have been great as I've never been able to come across the first run of the character which has been annoying. The second was Spider-Gwen which certainly would have been unique as I'm not sure any non-movie or non-mainline characters have been available previously. If anymore show up in the future I'll be sure to make not of them, it's certainly disappointing to see the series go since the last version was well polished and the series had a bright future.

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Disney Infinity Jack Skeleton Special Edition
Disney Infinity Spider-Gwen

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