Don't Even Think Review

"Bad Wolf Times"


July 19, 2019 at 2:42am
By Jason Stettner

This is one of those games that has an interesting concept behind it, but the execution is just awful. This is yet another play on the battle royale genre, it brings werewolves. The matches feature a squad of about twenty players that are in smaller teams blasting it out, with three werewolves thrown in the middle.

The matchmaking is instant for the players, but if you want to be a werewolf it’s about five minutes at late hours. The matches are fast paced, they don’t take long yet are really boring. There’s an element of weather in this, it’s hard to tell quite honestly. The landscape will turn to night, making it cold and therefore harder on the humans. The werewolves get powered up by becoming the monster they were meant to be whereas the humans need heat.

The cold is chilling, and just a detrimental aspect to the gameplay. If the freezing cold doesn’t slaughter you quickly, the incredibly powerful werewolves will. Those that are lucky to play as the powerful beasts get even stronger by consuming bodies, that’s neat. There’s a sense of being able to escape here for humans, but it’s very unlikely to happen as the odds are very tipped against them.


I Don’t Even Think, or well don’t want to think about the bad performance. It runs horribly, and at the same doesn’t even look that great. It’s a rather bland looking title, with a fairly empty forest world. The details are fairly limited, there’s a draw distance yet things aren’t really rendered far out. I guess the buildings were alright, but everything else is an ugly grey.

There are constant performance drops, and it’s just rough to play. The looting isn’t very smooth, and it’s weird that every single match starts with you getting an info pop-up on your screen. The shooting is awful for players, with the worst hit detection I’ve ever seen in a game, straight up. The loot is limited, it’s not engaging and you’re given no idea what you’re really doing here. It’s just bad, so bad.

The werewolves are somewhat cool, but a boring aspect of play. You’ll get to the final humans and just stand there waiting to see one, or you’ll wander around aimlessly looking for one hiding in a house to get heat. It can be quite gory when you do get a hold of them, that’s cool. I guess the microtransactions aren’t pushed for this being free to play, props there. If only the game itself was anything worthwhile.
Don't Even Think Review Xbox Wallpaper Screenshot

The Conclusion

Don’t Even Think is just an awful take on the battle royale genre, it runs horribly and is intensely boring to play. There are many better options, and while the idea is cool, the execution is purely bad. The asymmetrical survival elements are over-exaggerated as you huddle around fires waiting for the bored werewolf to finally eat you.

The werewolf side of gameplay could be fun, yet it takes forever to find a match and they’re overpowered. It also doesn’t help that the end game becomes boring and you’ll stand on a cliff with your werewolf friends being tired of not finding anyone. The gameplay is piss poor, it runs horribly on the base hardware and it looks awful. The hit detection is the worst I’ve ever seen, and this wasn’t enjoyable.

I don’t mind trying different battle royale titles, especially if they’re free to play and don’t require PS Plus. I wouldn’t suggest giving this one a whirl, there are better ways to spend your time. Seriously, other games or activities to spend what valuable life time you’d waste here.

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Don't Even Think Review on Playstation 4

Rating Overall: 1.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner