Donut County Review

"A Rather Large Hole"


I certainly found Donut County to be a rather interesting game. Basically, it's a physics based experience with simplistic concepts that brings a fairly well thought out narrative. You're taking on the role of a small hole that gradually grows as it consumes items from within the many environments. You do this across multiple levels, with each being distinct and containing minor puzzles to solve.

Between these various areas is a stack of narrative delivered in speech bubbles. It works quite well, emulating the Animal Crossing style to a degree since there are some funky critters in there. There's an overall tale at play, and a mystery as you discover what had happened to these folks that caused them to be sent so low below the ground. It's actually got some fun humor to it, and a variety of characters interacting over the fairly long story. There's not a whole lot of replayability, but it's a good time and there's a level select afterwards as well.


Donut County has some very light tones to it providing colorful and really cartoon based environments. It has a charming look and some fun moments throughout. I liked the core gameplay and was surprised by how much it kept getting altered over the course of the story.

There was always something new going on, with many ways to get you to eat everything within the area. It wasn't difficult, but had some variety which I appreciated. It was a nice calming game that had a solid soundtrack to your destruction. It was different, easy to play and just generally enjoyable.
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The Conclusion

Donut County is a unique game that brings a simple, yet fun core concept to the table. I was impressed by how fun it was to just go around sucking up things in the levels. They're not all easy to get, and some puzzle solving will be required. Anyone can engage in this tale without difficulty while still having a good time.

It may not have a whole lot of replayability, but it's a fine playthrough and one that was quite great. There's a full story here with distinctly odd characters and some strange mechanics that worked well for it. It certainly is an experience of sorts, presenting a fresh game to play that does something new. I will however mention it is limited due to the nature of it.

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Donut County Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner