Dreams: Best Games You Should Be Playing Part 2

February 22, 2020 at 9:26pm
By Jason Stettner

Dreams has been delivering some incredible games since its initial release, so here are a pile of them that you should check out. These are all experiences within the game that I’ve enjoyed, and I think help showcase just what sort of awesome experiences that the Playstation 4 exclusive can provide. They are being updated and changed over time, keep that in mind as you go to play them.

#1. Call of Duty: Black Ops
Mason, the numbers, what do they mean? This is a really neat recreation of the menu room and it now features additional areas to visit.

#2. Darth Vader Test
Play as Death Vader, lightsaber and all in this demo area to get a feel for what they could do with this character.

#3. Spyro and the Talisman Theif
Literally Spyro, I can’t believe I didn’t look for this before as it’s an adventure with our fire breathing little pal.

#4. This is Fine
Somewhat just a meme, but it’s been created here perfectly and is neat to see in action.

#5. Minecraft: Worlds
Another more demo setup, run through a beautifully authentic to Minecraft area as the main character Steve.

#6. Dino Dash!
A really great endless runner featuring various obstacles and some cute visuals to it which makes it a nice experience.

Dreams Best Games
#7. Spider-Man Free Roam
Swing around an area as Spider-Man, great capturing of the character and the fluid web slings.

#8. Jazzpunk
Based on the very distinct game, they definitely nail the atmosphere and look of that title.

#9. Cat Jump Stuff
3D jumping title where you’re avoiding obstacles as a cat, fun stuff.

#10. Stardew Valley: Pelican Town
More of an interactive experience to walk through a fully 3D emulation of this town.

#11. Castle in the Clouds
This is a more in-depth capturing of Mario with platforms challenges up the side of a tower.

#12. Tomb Raider
Walk around a small island as Lara Croft to find objects featuring an authentic capturing of the character.

Dreams PS4 Games
#13. Mirror’s Edge Demo
This is actually a full level of challenges that does feel like it’s been taken right out of Mirror’s Edge.

#14. Dream Nier 2B
Play as the robot, or perhaps one of your favorite odd androids in this Nier inspired level that does act like more of a demo again.

#15. Sonic Adventure: Dreams Edition
This really does capture the Adventure feel with authentic movement, open 3D levels and actually some content to it.

#16. Heroes of Aldrenor
RPG adventure in production that offers three characters to choose from and the option to battle enemies with various moves.

#17. Impala SS Sandbox
Drive a really cool car against a rather spacious and unique looking backdrop environment.

#18. 2048
A full recreation of the sliding numbers game, it’s actually quite impressive and unique in hear working very well.

#19. Shrek’s Swamp
Walk around Shrek’s swamp, for those fans of the character out there.

#20. Ratchet & Clank
Part of a level for the character featuring shooting guns and some platforming, it’s very neat.

I hope you found this listing helpful to perhaps find your next game to surf. If there are other big ones I’m missing let me know. If this does well I’m open to curating additional lists in the future as Dreams is certainly a blast. Have fun gaming out there.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner