Dreams: Best Games You Should Be Playing

February 15, 2020 at 6:31pm
By Jason Stettner

Dreams has been delivering some incredible games already, so here are a pile of them that you should check out. These are all experiences within the game that I’ve enjoyed, and I think help showcase just what sort of awesome experiences that the Playstation 4 exclusive can provide.

#1. Crash Bandicoot (4) [Paradoxology]
While not expansive, it’s a literal level from Crash Bandicoot. It feels very authentic capturing the UI, mechanics and look of the game.

#2. Web Swing Simulator
This is really cool, it features Spider-Gwen and allows you to web sling along a cyberpunk type city. It’s very interesting, maybe a full spider-type game in the future within this.

#3. Neon Pin Ball
This is an actual pinball game that keeps score and everything, really neat.

#4. Fret Star
This is literally Guitar Hero with a couple songs to play. You can earn points, rock the crowd and it’s really neat to see in action. There are even stars to earn based on performance.

#5. The Offroad Lands
A driving mini game experience, that ends on a sort of grim premise. It’s really neat though to see how a quality driving title could be produced.

#6. My Welcome Home: A Hat in Time Cursed Timeline Edition
They beautifully create the character from the game, and have you battle crows. It’s incredible authentic, and I love A Hat in Time too.
Dreams Best Games
#7. Lara’s Mini Adventure
While more of a walking title, this gives you a very well created Lara Croft, in what aesthetically comes across as an actual Tomb Raider game. Hopefully it gets taken further.

#8. Comic Sands
A beautiful experience that showcases a move from drawn, to platforming and then 3D and it’s really neat to see in action. The style of art is beautiful for it, and well worth seeing for yourself.

#9. Floppy Bird
This is literally Flappy Bird created within the game.

#10. Please Hug Me
The brief story of a poor little cube just trying to get a hug, it hits home, that’s for sure.

#11. Dinorama
An adorable little platformer game with a fire breathing dinosaur to play as, it’s quite lovely.

#12. Tiny Pier Simulator 1904
This is a game where you manage a pier to earn cookies as money in order to buy better stands.
Dreams PS4 Games
#13. Sonic Dreams Adventure Zero
This is a good look at Sonic created with a full level that captures the best of character’s mechanics in action.

#14. Dog’s Run
Play as a dog in a fun adventure, contains levels and quite an experience. You can even bark if you’d like to.

#15. Ommy Kart
A kart racing game featuring power-ups, laps and intense action across an interesting track.

#16. Dead Space
Yes, this is fifteen minutes of a game that literally captures Dead Space almost perfectly, really interesting.

I hope you found this listing helpful to perhaps find your next game to surf. If there are other big ones I’m missing let me know. If this does well I’m open to curating additional lists in the future as Dreams is certainly a blast. Have fun gaming out there.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner