Dungeon Rushers Review

"Battle the Dungeons"


Dungeon Rushers is a turn based dungeon crawling experience where you build a crew and then battle it out while looking for loot. You move across a landmass hitting up many castle type spaces along the way and exploring the mazes within. There are also special manor type setups that feature multiple levels of generated layouts. As you venture into each location you're met with a hostile situation. You have some tools to increase your visibility, but for the most part you're hopping around tiles not knowing what's going to happen.

There was a weird visual issue here as screen tearing would be present. Within each layout you'll come across special events that happen, various enemies and traps. Everything can be dealt with using various means and extra magical abilities that certain characters carry. To reach the end and continue you'll need to collect the loot at the end. There are multiple difficulty options for rushing the dungeons, a shop to purchase items in-game and a workshop to craft new tools.


Dungeon Rushers is a fairly simple game, you move around as a tile across the board. When you land on an enemy, you enter a turn based battle. There are multiple forces on each side and abilities as well.

There's some balance here, it was incredibly easy and then at times really difficult to tackle these situations. I found it rather tiring as it feels incredibly slow. There's also an extra RPG layer on top as you improve skills over time. The visuals are decent, there's some alright detail in the designs.
Dungeon Rushers Review Xbox Wallpaper Screenshot

The Conclusion

There are some creative elements to Dungeon Rushers, but it's really nothing too impressive being an alright time. The RPG layers were neat, I liked the tile system yet the turn based action was boring. The combat felt balanced at times, whereas other times it was quite off.

There's a good amount of variation in what you do, but it takes a long time to get going. It's a lot of the same with only sprinkles of fresh enemies that appear after awhile. This is also mirrored on your side as you gain additional allies and level up. Dungeon Rushers is fine if you like this type of game, I just wanted something more creative.

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Dungeon Rushers Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 5.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner