Dying Light 2 E3 2018 Preview

Dying Light 2 was one of the surprises at E3 2018 as I really didn't see it coming, I had a booking with Techland yet the game was kept a secret. At a first glance this seems like one ambitious title and upon seeing a proper presentation this is going to be one high class experience. This is a huge expansion upon the still massively popular original Dying Light with a map that will be four times the size of all previous maps combined. It takes place fifteen years after humanity has lost its grip in a world that has collapsed and risen again. This is a fresh setting within some European metropolis that is in absolute ruins, you're just another one of the survivors.

That being said, everything you do will directly affect the world around you. Every choice changes what will happen, and you get to visually see that. This was presented at a focus during a water tower segment. There are multiple choices, with two key options being highlighted in the display. You can either choose to work with these people holding the water hostage or eliminate them and the peacekeepers will take over. The latter will restore order with an iron fist while granting you access to water everywhere. Water heals in this sequel. Helping the former will give you occasional bits of money while citizens are having troubles getting resources. The world is tweaked in response looking worse or better, these choices are plentiful and completely alter your journey.
Dying Light 2 Water Screenshot
Dying Light 2 is one gorgeous game, we were shown a live presentation of pre-alpha gameplay. It was like the trailer, but greatly expanded upon. Still, it was visually impressive like the original and this is going to be one excellent looking game when it does release. I also wanted to mention we had one awesome pre-show to get us warmed up as we walked past live zombies that jumped out from the dark. It was cool and I love when the companies put something like that together, helps set the mood and atmosphere. Mostly I was just impressed with what I saw, if you liked the original this is going to be a massive expansion on that.

There's more than double the parkour moves with even more dynamic ways to use the environment against others. You can enjoy a full day and night cycle, as well as a non-linear narrative that's being helped by members of The Witcher team. In the day it's really awesome as indoor dark buildings might hold gruesome creatures, similar to I Am Legend. This is one beautiful open world with lots of possibility and the option to play with others. Four player coop is back with each player having their own version, with story progress not being shared. They also are aiming to provide fifteen to fifty hours of gameplay depending on your play style. Dying Light 2 is going to be bigger, better and just a parkour thrill.

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