E3 2019 Coverage & Events

June 2, 2019 at 7:32pm
By Jason Stettner

We'll be headed to E3 2019 to cover a wide range of games, conferences and other events at the show. It'll be a blast as we continue to grow with our partners once again. Here are all the games or cool events that we can discuss before the show and what sort of coverage we hope to provide. Being covered live by Jason Stettner, we hope you enjoy all the previews, news and footage from the show.

We'd also like to thank all the publishers that decided to work with us to secure bookings and provide opportunities for coverage. This should be another exciting year with some surprises along the way and really great games to play. Bookings should be confirmed, additional ones may be added as final details are handled. Not all bookings are included for various reasons..
Xbox E3 2019 Halo Infinite
Conference, Showcase Event for hands-on.

Booking like usual, hands-on.


Into the Abyss Party
Second year, another party and event for Black Desert.

EA Play
Likely not attending due to the new setup which makes it difficult for press to gain access to things.

Hands-on with their upcoming title.

Square Enix
Theater Presentation.

2K Games
Borderlands 3 hands-on.

THQ Nordic
Two game presentations.

Warner Brothers
Theater presentation.

hands-on with new products and party.

Hands-on with latest games.

C40 TR hands-on and new product display.

A look at the latest technology from the company.

CD Projekt Red
Cyberpunk 2077 theater presentation.

Deep Silver

Annapurna Interactive

Theater Presentation

Dying Light 2 Theater Presentation.

CI Games
Presentation, hands-on and interview.

Firefly Studios

Turtle Beach
Meeting, hands-on.

Tripwire Interactive
Presentation and interview.

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