EA Access is Too Good

One of the more surprising aspects of the current generation has been the real turnaround from EA and its treatment of gamers. This was particularly odd as they went from being one of the worst companies in America to a part of the gaming industry I actually like now.

They were once one of the key players of pushing DLC and the dreaded online passes which thankfully don't exist anymore which landed them in a spot that was rather negative in the eyes of many. Just a few years later and now I'd say I actually find them to be one of the better game publishers aside from one or two small issues which is crazy.

Everyone used to really hate the company and I think one of the primary shifts was their focus towards the player with better deals and digital content. I've had EA Access since its launch which was just about two years ago at this point and I can say it might very well be the best deal in gaming. Available only on Xbox One I have to say that Playstation members are seriously losing out on this one as it already includes over twenty titles from EA.
EA Access value
It's crazy to get this sort of deal for only $30 a year and it's perfect for my vision of a digital future on my console so this bundle is too worth it. At times I even feel like EA is being ripped off at that price and I'd honestly be willing to even pay a bit more as the bonuses you get are a little too good. It almost seems unreal that I get access to this many of the top titles, 10% off any EA purchases and ten hours of early access for their games. It's great that I not only get to test games out before launch to see if it's worthwhile which has saved me many purchases, I also get a deal if I do want to buy them.

Even then I've had access to sports titles I'd never normally buy or even look at and if I'm patient I can get my yearly sports titles for free basically. The rate of which they've added titles is also insane as you usually get a new game every couple months and almost the entirety of the EA current generation catalogue is available. It even includes DLC for some of the titles and they just added all past DLC for the Battlefield games which is unreal. We're also starting to see some Xbox 360 games added into the vault including Plants vs Zombies and Dead Space at this point so it seems their open to offering some of their past titles as well.
EA Access is Too Good
It's been well worth it and I suggest to everyone as a must have for the console as the deal feels like it's been too good to be true which is odd. My only worry is the cancellation of the program as I've gotten rid of my physical copies of their games though I doubt they will ever as the company seems very happy with the move they've made with EA Access. If you don't have it at this point it's really well worth it and hopefully EA keeps it up with offering great deals such as this pass its impressive and two years later unbelievable in the amount of support it’s received.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner