Etherborn Preview

April 18, 2019 at 2:36am

I was able to preview Etherborn, to get a look at the game and get an understanding as to what it is. So what we have here is a minimalistic puzzle game with a geometric art style. It's actually rather lovely as it uses a bright selection of vibrant colors to make the world pop.

After an initial start-up to get the concepts across, I was then thrown into this large scale tree area. You move up it and then are sucked away into an area. The complexity immediately increases and you get a sense of just what this game can be like. It's the first full showcase of what they aim to present.

Etherborn game 4k
It's really neat, and should present a good challenge to those that enjoy puzzles. It's not a typical type of entry in the genre, as you're moving through the world dynamically to solve issues. There are slopes, and specifically shaped segments as you'll walk on walls or fall onto new areas. You can also sprint, and jump across gaps when needed.

You're generally trying to collect these special shapes in order to access additional areas and open up new segments to explore. You can also backtrack if needed to use these items again, and it's rather interesting in that regard. You're largely playing as this humanoid that is blank, with internal organs that you can see. It's really distinct in style and there's a narrative that's showcased with cutscenes that piece this world together.

The world also has some life to it as the shrubs will sway and there are some smaller particles at play. This added some density to what is a simple, yet stunning environment to explore. I enjoyed the game at a 4k resolution and it really looked great. I was very impressed by the visuals and I found the game rather intriguing with what it was presenting. For a similar puzzle based experience, check out the review or the general hubs below.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner