Fable Anniversary Xbox One X Enhanced Preview

Fable Anniversary is a classic RPG being a title that really did change things up when it released so many years ago on the original Xbox. On Xbox 360 it was given a remaster with the Anniversary and eventually the game found its way onto the Xbox Backwards Compatibility program. Following that, we now have a Fable Anniversary Xbox One X enhancement that brings higher resolution at 9X the pixel count with increased texture details and antialiasing.

The results are fantastic as the game looked decent prior to the update, but now looks entirely modern. It feels like the classic game you remember, but runs faster and has the visuals of a game that's just released. It all runs smooth and was too enticing to play that I redid the entire battle arena. I had forgotten Whisper was at the end of it however and she stabbed me while I had set the controller down erasing my entire time working through the pit, lovely. Still, I had a lot of fun. The type of fun that only a Fable game can provide with its enchanting mystical elements and general hilarity.

With that hilarity I obviously went right into the chicken kicking competition. Those little cluckers were eager to be punted and it was a blast to do this once again. I went and fought some balverines, said hello to my wife and went down to ye olde tavern. It was fun and while the game itself may be old, it's still an exciting game to play. There's something special about it that keeps the game fresh after so many years. It's just that mix of having an epic story, yet one that's linear enough to keep you focused. The spaces are open, though you usually know what you're supposed to be doing.

There was also so many things that you could do aside from the main narrative as you explored Albion, it didn't feel restrictive and was so freeing. I would however have liked them to cut down on loading or even have made the menu pop-up a bit faster though I assume that's due to Xbox 360 limitations. Fable Anniversary brings back the magic of what was an amazing game for the time. The morality still feels refreshing and obviously the dark side of things can be fun. The balance of mystical combat with realistic tales works well here making this game feel still fresh today. On Xbox One X Fable is looking sharp with impressive visuals and a still worthwhile world to explore.

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Fable Anniversary Xbox One X Enhanced Screenshot
Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner