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"It's Adorable"


My first thought when I heard this game is, how do you take Fable which is a well established series in people’s mind and turn it into a arcade title. Well Fable Heroes puts you into the shoes of these puppets with differing abilities and weapons. The game takes the basics of what makes Fable special as far as morality and other choices, turning them into something that fits perfectly. Moving through the levels with easy controls to learn you move through beautifully designed landscapes running into power-up crates that change the game through time, you size and speed.

As you move along through the levels you are also faced with some special crates that deal with morality and give a power-up, you can choose good or bad as per the normal for the series’ morality system. The element of choices comes randomly in levels and presents you with two sides, whichever choice changes the outcome of the level. Even neater is the choice you make is shown again in the dark version of Albion, which is available upon completion of the first credits segment. These paths vary and technically allow you to play level twice and have a different experience both times. The path could end with a neat mini game or become a survival challenge, further even you could face a large boss.

Well on top of all this other playing you collect coins throughout the levels, there are some cool blockades with neat items, which all go towards the board game, wait there’s a board game? Yes at the end of every level you roll dice for your puppets and move around a monopoly type board buying bonuses or new puppets. It is a really neat concept that definitely changes the game. Each level is neat and the credits section is really well done, once finished the game switches to a darkened version of the levels, where evil is about with everything destroyed. It was particularly sad to see the snow level become cool and lava-e. There is also the option to play with this in four player coop anytime online or off.
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Plays the same as single player, but with real people and can be done online or off. Fable Heroes is greatly benefitted in coop though and a lot more fun. It’s really great to have this option or gameplay as it can be a blast with friends. It’s fine alone, but definitely better together.


All the levels look beautiful and combat flows perfectly. Some of the power-ups were a tad weird and didn’t help your progression much. It has a neat way of measuring life, which I’m not complaining and is really an experience that an adult could have fun while playing with a young child.
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The Conclusion

Fable Heroes takes a well established franchise and uses its formulas perfectly. The artwork is great and general experience is just really enjoyable. It is a ton of fun with a group and really enjoyable to play mini games while competing for coins.

This title provides an atmosphere that an adult could have a blast playing with even younger individuals enjoying themselves. Play as puppets, collect coins and venture through the worlds of Albion once more!

Fable Heroes Review on Xbox 360
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Rating Overall: 8.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner