Fable Legends E3 2015 Preview

I've been cautiously watching this latest Fable game since its announcement since it's a rather weird place to take this beloved franchise. I'm also in the on-going beta for it though I can't talk about, what I can discuss though is my chance to play the game during E3 2015 at the awesome Microsoft Showcase event.

Furthermore I was lucky enough to be given the ability to capture gameplay with LGX from AVerMedia, really have to thank them for setting it up so that I could capture some of my experience at that event. That captured footage in question direct from the game can be found below, so feel free to watch just that or continue reading along. At the event we were welcomed to sit on couches which is far better than standing around at to play at regular E3 events. For the match stations were set up with both consoles and Windows 10 PCs.

In the match I played there were two Xbox One players and two Windows 10 players, also think someone was the villain though I wasn't paying attention that far down. See, it's in a row so I was really only connecting to the other console gamer and the developer whom was explaining my character. I didn't really need the commentary, though when I was enlightened about sprinting halfway through that was helpful. Assumed my character, which was the heavy Malice just lumbered around. That of course was not the case, so I lumbered along a tad faster.

Fable Legends shown at E3 2015

Our heroes were pre-picked depending on our station, this was alright though I wanted time to play the swordsman. That character is more my style of play, at least by the looks of it since I strike quickly. As a team we loaded into the match and began to spin in circles waiting for everything to get set-up.

Once everything got going we went through these purple portal areas that opened since those block progression and battled the enemies. It wasn't too bad as we worked together to slay the groups. For those wondering about this game, it feels like Fable in all the charm, characters and the world.

It's just a different take on a well established franchise and continues to make me crave what I consider to be a proper Xbox One Fable game. This will suffice for now from what I've played though I want them to take it further. Right from the start you can just stop to gaze in awe at the world around you, it's so peaceful. The floral is dense with leaves falling and grass flowing in the wind. It's seriously a fantasy like world that's ever so whimsical, perfectly beautiful.

Fable Legends shown at E3 2015

Yet within this world is a series of aggressive enemies that need to be cleansed since we are heroes and we're building a legend. Each character fills a spot in our roster and one are alike. They all posses particular skills so full game rosters need to be selected well in order to properly succeed. Our current mission took us deep within this enchanted forest so there was a good variety of enemies to be taken out.

Some of my favorite were the fairy sprites or the fantastic final tree monster thing. Remember that while all this is happening, some human is carefully planning out assaults and we're just fending off this pre-selected waves. Team work is essentially and everyone needs to play their part. I worked carefully with the other console players despite not chatting since our characters seemed to complement one another.

Whereas the PC players were more support, that's just how it went. We cleared many waves of enemies together and progressed portal by portal, it seemed to split into sections with a wait time after so much. From there we just continued on against the enemies until we claimed a final victory. It was a great demo into what this game offers, but I'll be honest to say regular players of the franchise will find this very strange.

This isn't an RPG tale, this is a free to play heroic battle. More of a fun scenario with objectives, it takes Fable into a quicker experience. While this is all fine and a great game from what I've played, I can't help but feel that a true sequel for the series is also in the works. Of course we'll have to wait and see, but I'm looking forward to reviewing this in the future. It doesn't look like it'll disappoint, at least in my opinion. If you have any more questions about the game let me know and I'll answer what I am allowed to, also check out the video from the night if you time!

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner