Fallout 4 Xbox One X Enhanced Preview

Fallout 4 is most certainly one of the biggest games for the current generation and while the update it has received is minimal, it goes far in helping to really make the game look that much better. What we're getting here with this Fallout 4 Xbox One X enhanced update is a jump to 4k resolution through dynamic delivery.

This more or less means it doesn't run at a native 4k, but could possibly at times though it's never really noted what the developers were aiming for. The game carries the same 30fps and does not have support for HDR sadly. That's somewhat disappointing, but the addition of God Rays does help satisfy to a degree since they have a nice extra sizzle for the sun.

The final, yet possibly most incredible change is for an increased draw distance on trees, grass, objects and NPCs. The bump up to 4k brings a nice vibrancy to the world, but that draw distance is literally as far as the game even has content.

You can see through tree branches to note the tiniest of trees or hills in the far distance, it's crazy. Objects seem to almost load in perfectly as well whenever you're moving and you don't really notice anything popping in or out on while walking about on adventures. While the core updates may not be something everyone gets crazy about, with mods you can get just that bit more out of it.
Fallout 4 Xbox One X Enhanced Screenshot
To start with mods, keep in mind that the core game runs damn fine on the Xbox One X. There were minor performance issues present on base hardware and that's cleaned up from what I've been playing of it.

Going back to the mod point is that these additions to the game can weaken the performance. It's best to play around with what you download and get the best mix of performance against visual enhancements. I stack mods on the games I play, I want it as improved as possible in every regard.

I also want it to be fun, so you get a mix of Lightsabers, immersive toilet paper or a 4k galaxy sky at night (wow, it's seriously just gorgeous). I did notice mods slightly impacted performance, but with around thirty mods on it still was working fine for the most part and that shows just how much you can push the consoles with new additions.

I also layered some visual mods for density, this brought me dense forests with luscious grass flowing throughout. I have immersive rain and so many small clean-ups for the environments, it makes a world of difference causing me to hate the vanilla look quite honestly.

Sure, you lose achievements but I've really grabbed all I want anyways at this point. I will say that Nuka World is a must visit with this enhancement as that park is just an enchanting journey if you move through it even without mods. Fallout 4 is just perfect on Xbox One X, it runs without issues and with the mods make this something that puts any other console version to shame.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner