Farm Together Review

"Just Farming"


January 21, 2019 at 11:08pm

This is truly the ultimate casual farming game, for players of any age group or audience type. In Farm Together you're building a powerful empire by just farming away. You'll plant crops, water them, collect them and then go on your way to the next batch. It's a simplistic title that's to the point, but one that's stacked with content. You can play this game for countless hours and it's just addicting. There's no real goals aside from getting higher levels and completing a series of random missions, you just play.

You can build your glorious land up alone, or play with others in multiplayer of up to sixteen players. These online farms can have settings to protect your work as well. It's crazy to get a large pile of people working together. If you don't have friends, you can browse the open farms and join in, it's easy and great. I was generally really impressed by just how much content was packed into this simple game. There are hundreds of food types, flowers, animals and other items to produce. Some take up regular coins, others need diamonds that are earned through speciality items and there are also ribbons to spend which are gained from completing the tasks.


The visuals of Farm Together just pop, they're colorful and fun. They have a charming, yet realistic enough look that works perfectly here. The world is filled with color and there are many options for customizing your character as well. If that's not enough, tweak your tractor and farm hands too. The tractor is a big deal as it allows for faster planting and collection using gas, an interesting mechanic. There's full day and night cycles in this game and it changes through all the seasons, each one being seventeen minutes.

Certain crops can only be grown during certain time periods and it's just an extra layer here. You can also build a house and decorate, mostly just wish it went further to Harvest Moon levels of extra activities as it would be too perfect. I will mention that I also wish the draw distance was a bit further, I can see why it's dynamic though as performance can dip during the heavily pushed farms. The mechanics of farming are easy, it's quick to move and it handles the multiplayer perfectly fine.
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The Conclusion

Farm Together delivers countless hours of excellent farming in a charming and lovely world. There's too much to do and you're constantly wanting to go back. The crops do take some time, you may visit the game periodically. That element feels somewhat like a mobile title, but that's fine as it works well here. It's a living world so it's always changing even though you're not there.

The multiplayer is damn impressive and it's fun to work with others. The visuals are just lovely, it looks great and comes across as charming. It's a very accessible game, being appropriate for any audience in terms of the gameplay and difficulty. It's not hard to get into, but it can be hard to leave as it's so much fun. Just a great time with this one, honestly there's too much to do and earn.

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Farm Together Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 8.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner