Fortified Review

"When Martians Attack!"


The Martians are invading with their mechanized war machines and it's up to this rag tag squad representing the best of Earth to take them on in waves of assault. This is done in the style of tower defense where players take active roles alongside their AI turrets and infantry. There are four heroes protecting the planet that each brings their own set of weapons, skills and fortifications to the battle. The game can be entirely played by yourself or with up to four players to create the ultimate team.

Teams can also be a mix of characters or players can all play as the same hero. The first of the squad which happens to also be my preference is "The Captain" which can rally the troops at his disposal and generally has some strong weapons. The next class is "The Rocket Scientist" that has the ability to jet pack around to provide the best air support. The third character is "The Agent" which brings a sleek look and a number of crazy futuristic defense items. The final member of the roster is "The Spaceman" that is really cool mostly and from space!

The campaign is done in an alternate past Sci-Fi style which is always a lot of fun and filled with a couple comic book strips in the place of cinematics. It has a really classy and great style to it which I'm sure many will enjoy. There are many levels available to play across the campaign on a couple of difficulties for those looking to be challenged and the variation seems very enemy health based in terms of scaling.

Each of the levels does a great job in slowly progressing you through the enemy tiers and continuously creating unique paths for enemies to roll out at you. There are also some boss battles for you tackle that appear every so many waves so be weary on how you tackle those monstrous machines. Aside from the campaign there's also a invasion survival mode where you tackle ten waves across a few separate levels.


Fortified has a nice cartoon style to the art which looks great and runs smooth no matter how much chaos is going on in the battlefield.

Gameplay is also very quick paced as the characters hop across the map while pumping lead into everything within site. It's quite epic in scale and definitely a ton more fun with the full four players. The game features a really simple to use placement system and you can also sell between rounds if needed to buy something else.

There are a number of items for each class to distinctively buy and an upgrade option for all items to give them a two choice boost that's selected at the start of every game. The system works well and is easy for all to learn so I'm sure that will be appreciated.

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The Conclusion

Fortified is a great tower defense title bringing a great selection of levels across the campaign and the invasion survival which should provide hours of gameplay.

It's also a much better experience when you play everything in coop so I definitely suggest doing that though it can still be great when playing solo. I loved the general theme of the game with it being a retro Sci-Fi game and everything fit together well.

The Martians themselves were also well done with their terror weapons and the variety of the enemies present. There's a ton to be done while you defend those mystery rockets and I'm sure that you will enjoy fortifying with your squad of friends against these overwhelming odds as the Martians invade!

Fortified Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner