Fortnite Battle Royale 50v50 Impressions

I'm very impressed with how often Fortnite is getting updated and just how much content it's continued to receive since release. The Battle Royale mode in particular has seen grand expansion gaining solo, duos and group options for matches. From there we now have the apparently limited 50v50 mode. This takes the groups concept and just split the player base into two distinct teams. It's basically the exact same thing except green arrows above the head means friend.

At first I thought I had joined the wrong mode, but quickly found others to work with, my own squad even ignored me during that match yet other randoms seemed ready to work together sharing weapons. It's great to see this high level of cooperation and it can create some rather intense firefights when you get down towards those smaller numbers. When it's around 20v20 in a very small ring near the end of a match it's just straight out war. That being said, I did find this mode disappointing in comparison to what I thought it would be and that it can get really boring considering there's not much to do until the ring gets smaller. That aside, hiding in bushes it hilarious.

I definitely like the idea of the game, it's rather genius actually and most likely points towards more switch ups to see what sort of larger team games they can setup within the arena. That being said I was hoping for something more fort focused like I saw with the initial trailer. There it showed intense fort building and then battles of close proximity. What we have now works, but it's nothing like that in the slightest. I really wanted perhaps with a timed build segment or just a smaller battlefield where players could build a mini fort by themselves or with the help of already available buildings and do it that way.

The core of Fortnite if you break it down is building a fort so I had thought Battle Royale might embrace this concept further which it really didn't. It works fine as it is, but I still would like to see a focus on building incorporated into some sort of PVP mode instead of just the cooperative PVE offered in the regular campaign side of things. I had fun jumping into the mode once more and it was great to see a swarm of players towards the ending, but I'm still not entirely sure it worked correctly.

It feels slow and empty once the first little skirmish is done and a ghost town as you wait until the end to fight again. Even then you might not see anyone because your swarm annihilates them before you can shoot. Epic has an interesting idea with larger teams, but perhaps four groups of 25 might be better for action. I'd really like to see a fort building focused variation on this and hopefully it happens at some point. For now this Fortnite Battle Royale 50v50 mode is just an alright mix-up though I'd rather play duos or regular groups.

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