Fortnite Xbox One X Enhanced Preview

I really do enjoy Fortnite, I think Epic has done a fantastic job across the entire experience and not just the hyper popular Battle Royale mode. With the game being constantly in development at the current moment since it's an early access title and eventually a free to play, it made complete sense for it to get this update. This Fortnite Xbox One X enhancement brings a large selection of improvements to the game starting with a jump to 4k resolution. This is delivered as content being 80% of 4k and then upscaled, HUD is native 4k.

The general quality of improvements has the game running at what are called EPIC settings on PC. We do also get a number of other tweaks such as better-quality reflections (including screen space reflections being enabled). There are higher quality post processes with motion blur, anti-aliasing, and depth of field. Visibility is increased with what are called "Great" draw distances, more detailed foliage along with shadow casting enabled on more lights and objects. The textures are of a higher resolution and the shadows have been increased. I feel that these tweaks make for a great looking game and that's across the entire experience.
Fortnite Xbox One X Enhanced Screenshot
When checking out this enhancement I wanted to give a bit of time to both sides of the game. Firstly there's the campaign section and this is the cooperative against the AI tower defense base building area. The second section is the hugely popular Battle Royale mode with singles, duos or group options. The campaign mode presents a pile of levels, gives loose mission goals to complete and general storm protection situations. Everyone is working together towards the team score, but each most likely has tasks they need to complete to progress their story. It has an expansive skill tree, multiple teams players can build and is a lot of fun. The worlds here are expansive and really detailed now. The colors just pop as Fortnite carries an almost cartoon like art style and that works perfectly in 4k for an extra vibrant shine.

The Battle Royale mode is amazing with this update, you can practically see forever. The island you jump in on is super massive and you can just see across it all from the right vantage points. The trees are more detailed further out as are the shadows. The players can also be viewed further away which is a huge advantage, on base hardware you'd occasionally just see feet far away leaving dust trails and now it's the player model. Another really interesting overall part of the game is the choice of an uncapped frame rate. I've been testing this on and off, but with it on I haven't really had any dips yet which could point to a more fluid game if they tweak performance to get the entire experience there. Epic nailed it here with Fortnite once again, it's got an amazing Xbox One X enhancement.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner