Forza Horizon 4 E3 2018 Preview

The more racing games I play, the more I realize that Forza has no equals. It absolutely dominates being a gorgeous showcase of visual power on Xbox One X while being just fun as well. I lean more towards the Horizon side of things with the third entry being what I'd consider the best racing title ever. With Forza Horizon 4 they aim to improve upon the last release and from an early look they appear to do so. The boldest way to start is by stating that they achieve 60fps with this title, that's the best way to experience a racing game and it shows.

On top of that they have full dynamic seasons which were quickly run through during the demo. This completely changes the world you're racing through making it constantly feel fresh. I was blown away by what I had played and now I'll dig into what they offered while I was there. This was during my Xbox International VIP party, as that's the only time I have to play the Xbox titles so it was a quiet time to just get into things. It's that same lit up, exciting and hyped Horizon setup that you're used to just entirely more fluid.
Forza Horizon 4 Screenshot
The demo is a straight forward showcase of just what they're aiming to achieve. It's like the starting point for Forza Horizon 3 where you rip through the various environments in a short time span to get you pumped. You're doing that, but through the seasons. You get to experience sunny open grasslands only to be then taken through frozen over lakes. It's a look at all of the seasons one will drive through when they're playing the full game. It's really enticing and a smart move towards a more realistic world. We sometimes get different environments when racing in these titles based on the region we travel to or even rain, but that never alters the world we visit like this will.

It's always the same, but now we can revisit places and see the conditions of a different weather pattern at play. It's like life, and with this set in Britain there will be beautiful open country roads to take in. With that will also be some incredible architecture as I imagine they'll push to showcase the historic side of things. Whatever the case I'm excited as I possibly could be for what Playground is aiming to fully deliver. I'm down for whatever they release Horizon wise, with 60fps and completely fresh seasons it seems they're aiming to elevate what can be delivered in a racing game.

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