Forza Horizon 4 Free Fast Travel to Festival Guide

In Forza Horizon 4 there are a few ways to get free fast travel to the festival. It usually costs a fair bit of currency to quickly get back to the center of the action, but here are some tips to bypass that. The first option is to press pause, look at your car menu and pick a different vehicle. Instead of having it delivered, click view car and from there you can back out to the festival at no cost. The second choice is to click "visit festival" from the cars tab.

Both of these options will get you some free rides back to the base at any point in the game. They could however be patched or edited out in the future. Another neat note is that the purchase of the two million point Fairlawn Manor, you'll be able to fast travel anywhere though it's still not free that way. If you manage to hit all fifty fast travel boards, it's then free for you to move anywhere at any time for free. Hopefully these details assist in your journey across the vast fields of Britain. Be sure to check out our Forza Horizon 4 review below or learn further details about the game in our Forza hub.

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