Forza Horizon 4: Horn Sounds List

In Forza Horizon 4 there are a ton of fun sounds to use for honking at others. I've included the full Horn Sounds list below so you can pick out favorites or generally see what's available in the game. There's a video included below that at fifteen minute mark showcases each of the sounds if you're curious about them.

Keep in mind that most of the items are unlocked through wheel spins and may take some time to unlock by the random draw. It's a fun aspect of the game and certainly something different, they've really expanded the options here. To start there are twenty stock horns, that's all the details they give for those. At the bottom of that list is the returning "Halo Warthog Horn".

Forza Horizon 4: Horn Sounds List Screenshot The next tab is the "musical horns"
5th Symphony | Ride of the Valkyries | Wedding March | In The Hall of the Mountain King | Mexican Hat Dance | La Cucaracha | The Last Post | Halo Theme | Sea of Thieves Theme | Killer Instinct Theme | Going Home.

There are also the scales of Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So La, Ti, Do High under the musical horns tabs.

The final tab is fun with the "sound effects"
Level Up | Clock Tower | Strike! | Royal Fanfare | BWWAAAAHH!!! | Drum Fill | Bingo Bongo | Synth Riser | Boing! | The Kracken | Beautiful Morning | Pizzicato | Hyperdrive Engaged | Hyperdrive Disengaged | Rubber Ducky | Slappin Da Bass | Tribal Drums | Timpani | Slide Whistle | Windows XP Shutdown | Air Horn | Bicycle Bell | Boat Cruiser | Cow Bell | Honk | Hooter | Noisemaker | Tooter | Comedy Whistle | Arooga 1 | Arooga 2 | Police Siren | Guitar Riff | Cash Register | Boxing Bell | Cuckoo | Sheep | Guitar Slide | Laser | Pneumatic | Computation.

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