Frizzy Xbox One Review

"Just a Ball of Fluff"


Frizzy is this fairly adorable ball of fluff that is on a mission to stop Doof which is a terrible dragon. Doof comes around about once a year to blow at the creatures in what's called the great sneeze. This year Frizzy was caught in that terrible gust of wind having followed a cat outside. That's the premise for this title and I just went along with things as it did establish a narrative for this platformer.

Frizzy can be a really fast faced and charming title at times, or at least for the first half hour or so. I was gracefully moving through the levels while actually having a great time with it and found Frizzy to be semi-adorable for a ball of fur. Things then took a nasty step as the game got a huge difficulty spike all of a sudden and it was just ridiculous in almost every level from there on out. The game actually has a fair bit of length to it with many levels and even world zones to travel, I just wish it didn't get as difficult as it does so suddenly.

This really ruined things in what I was quite enjoying since this was a nice and simple platformer that had cleaned up classic graphics. The movement system with throwing Frizzy around during platforming was great and quick. There was even well designed levels which offered some choice in how to deal with the environment, but it just got too hectic and not fun anymore. That was definitely a shame.


At the core the game has a great movement system of using these static balls to fling Frizzy around. It's quick, efficient and looks really cool when traversing the levels. It just gets too crowded much too quick within the game and doesn't provide enough checkpoints for player progression.

I find Frizzy semi-adorable as he's just chilling out with some animations and being flung about. The graphics were also alright bringing an older style look to them with a clean finish which was different. I also wish that they had done something more with the collectibles as they're just sort of there and don't really seem to mean much aside from netting achievements.
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The Conclusion

At the start of the game I had a decent experience with the title and thought this might be a great simple platformer for the younger audiences to enjoy. I was even having a great time with it moving quickly across the levels and then it just got savage.

If you're looking for something to test patience or really challenge your air platforming abilities then this is the title. They also could have done a better job pushing the narrative a bit more or making the enemies a bit dynamic, though they both were alright in the game. It could have been a decent platformer title for the younger audience and just general enjoyment, but for some reason they created extended endurance areas of sadistic pain for poor Frizzy.

Frizzy Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 6.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner