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Fumiko! is an interesting game that has players take on the role of an AI that's not entirely sure what's going on. You continuously discover new and mysterious things about the world around you as things progress. Think of it as an AI gone somewhat rogue or at least questioning what's going on while guided by different voices.

Narrative is a key focus here and it's well delivered being an interesting presentation. The gameplay is also truly unique, always different and really leans into telling the story. There's an element of a guided voice, but mostly freedom in what you do within the various areas.

The story follows this journey across a changing world, it mirrors possible realms of what the future may hold in terms of virtual reality. The battles of ads, how the system should be run and how corporations may influence it. It's distinct, thought provoking and something I'm not sure on could ever anticipate.


The worlds are streamlined and simple looking. They capture the essential details for an entirely unique experience and something unlike anything you've seen before. Every area is different, the battles feel epic and the range of gameplay you face always keeps you guessing.

It's hard to describe what exactly it is you do in Fumiko! as it's so varied. You're mostly flying far in the air, collecting information and then engaging against dark forces in the design of a story. There's a lot to discover, so it's best to look around when you can. The music ties things together well, it was worth a mention for being charming.
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The Conclusion

Fumiko! is a very unique game, it does things differently and always keeps it fresh. You're never sure what's going to happen and it definitely keeps you focused throughout the entire tale. The gameplay is varied, it's not exactly combative yet has elements of where you're facing off against things.

It's full of color, always shifting gameplay features and a world that's slightly open for exploration. You have goals, but what you do is up to you. There's a lot to discover and it's really neat when the proper story is unraveled as you play.

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Fumiko! Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 7.8

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner