Gears 5 Multiplayer Tips & Tricks

July 30, 2019 at 5:28pm
By Jason Stettner

The Gears 5 multiplayer experience can certainly be a difficult one to get into, here are tips and tricks to dominate the competitive play of versus. These are a wide range of things to consider while playing, from more basic things to complex elements of play. This is focused on the versus multiplayer element of play, not the Escape or Horde part of the game.

For context, this is the fifth main entry in the franchise. It follows Kait story, wise, with the versus largely being an expansion the fourth game’s setup. Hero characters are placed into some modes, but for the most part it’s a classic setup of play. Enjoy the guide details below, hopefully they’re helpful.
Gears 5 Multiplayer
The Gears 5 Multiplayer Tips & Tricks List
#1. The Gnasher is the key weapon you need to learn about, it’s the game’s shotgun. This is the focal point of competitive play and must be learned. If you don’t, you’re going to be left behind and annihilated.

#2. The Lancer and other assault rifle type weapons for distance actually pack a punch this time around. They can kill enemies behind cover with headsets and are far deadlier, worth trying out as certain distances to oppose enemies with close range weaponry.

#3.I would suggest ignoring the Claw entirely, but the other new weapons are worth a try. The Talon pistol is a nice alternative to the Boltok or Snub pistols as well. The Lancer GL is also neat as it uses an airstrike type feature, make sure to lead on that as it shoots slightly further back than where you aim.

#4.It doesn’t hurt to practice in Coop vs AI if you’re new to the game, there’s also Arcade which is more for casual play. These games have rolling lobbies and there’s no pressure to perform in them. You may also like that Arcade features more random gun inclusions due to the nature of purchasing weapon through character hero classes.

#5. In the map Icebound you can slide down from the high towers if you jump towards the sliding part. If you do so on one side you get splashed with fish blood which is funny. That aside, the ice portions of the floor are a huge tactical asset. If it’s not snowing you can shoot out the ice. This can prevent enemy players from getting to weapons, or moving quickly across the battlefield. It’ll freeze whoever is touching the open water areas. The middle area is locked, and only has one access point. It’s best to place distance based weapons in here to cover the ring objective that spawns in front of it.

#6.Meatshields are very helpful during combat, if you down an enemy while getting shot at quickly tap “X” to pick them up. You can use them to absorb bullets and allow you to make a move. You can drop them by switching to your Gnasher to then shoot or push them away by selecting a grenade which will then attach to them as they hurdle towards your foe.

#7. Wall bouncing is a huge part of competitive play, and it may take some practice. This is the act of pulling away from cover as you’re going into it. This is a “bounce”, it allows you to switch positioning, dodge shots and generally be in a better spot to take your own shot against enemies that are firing at you.

#8. You can plant grenades, use “B” to do so. This will place them on walls, or the floor and they can be used to distract or eliminate players acting like a mine. You are limited in how many you can place however.

#9.Executions are cool and all, but in most situations its best to just quickly kill an enemy to keep going. Executing an enemy places you in a locked animation.

#10. Locked animations are a deadly situation, these are spots where you’re basically frozen and vulnerable while performing an action. This includes rolling, mantle kicking, chainsawing, executing, and dropping/climbing. Be careful when you perform these actions.

#11. Active reloads look cool, but also allow a faster reload and can depending on the mode grant a bonus boost to the shots. Worth practicing.

#12.Kill stealing isn’t a thing anymore, just finish off enemies as it grants an elimination to those that put in final or downing shots on opponents.

#13. Use your map, it will tell you weapon spawn times, the map layout and where your team is. Build on this with the “LB” tac-com. That will show enemies if they’ve been seen and when exactly you can pick-up your next weapon. Be sure to tag enemies by aiming and clicking in the left stick, it’ll help your team out a lot.

That’s the list of Multiplayer Tips and Tricks in the game, check out our hub for additional coverage of the franchise and this particular entry which we have expansive articles on.

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