Genesis Alpha One Cloning Guide: How to Create

In Genesis Alpha One, Cloning is an essential part of the experience and just generally important for survival. The clones you produce act as lives when someone perishes. This is their primary purpose. They're very helpful for filling that role, while also helping the ship run.

To get started you'll need a Cloning Facility on the ship. After that, you'll need to collect Biomass and DNA samples. The basic humans of male or female just need five pieces of Biomass, other tweaks require more. You collect the goo material that is Biomass by eliminating the aliens on your ship, or during missions to various planets.
Genesis Alpha One
You take this resource to the facility and then use the machine, select a gender and clone a person. You're also able to research new tweaks on the genome within the computer in that room, the same one used for generally cloning. You'll need many alien samples and Biomass to research enhancements.

From that point, for a more expensive cost of your precious collected goo you can make different types of alien people. There are also alien powers to unlock in a similar format. Once you have a clone you can go to the various stations of the ship and have them work there, very helpful. They can be sent on missions, run the ship or just enjoy leisure. Read our review of the game below, or check out the game hubs for more coverage.

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