Ghost Pop! Review

The Game

Ghost Pop! is a play on the endless runner having you shine a flashlight at oncoming ghosts. It's a very simple game as you're just directing the light source to eliminate the enemies. There are various creatures to come across and boss situations as well.

These boss areas consist of wave based combat where a pile of ghosts come from multiple fresh positions for absolute mayhem. Layered on top of that is a coin based purchase system where you're able to improve your ability to fight the darkness.

This includes improving damage; light length, battery life and your critical hit chance. You get coins based on your distance and you can increase that by watching ads. There are a number of ads present in this and it feels a bit aggressive when you're first starting out.

It gets better when you start to die less, but still it's very in your face at the start. Additional character can be purchased if you'd like, I thought the cosmetic elements there were fine. There are leaderboards and special events that can be signed up for.
Ghost Pop! Screenshot IOS
Ghost Pop! is a simple and easy going mobile title that has a tad too many ads present when you first start out. After that, it does work really well. The visuals were fairly impressive looking fun, while having a dark edge to them.

The controls are easy to understand though I did have the character spin around randomly at times which was odd. There appears to be a soft balance for control and aiming. There's a fair bit of content to this as you move forward and unlock new sections to move through. It takes the endless format and does something new with it which is interesting.

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Ghost Pop! Review on IOS

Rating Overall: 7/10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner