Give ReCore Definitive Edition a Chance

ReCore was one of the recent Xbox exclusives that had great potential and while launch was rough, the ReCore Definitive Edition brings enough of a compelling package that old players should return while those previously hesitant should give it a shot.

Even at launch ReCore was a cheaper release and this new edition is even cheaper while also being stuffed with new features. They've spent a good year touching up the game from visuals to mechanics while also working on fresh content. With this release you not only do you get a charming story of a girl named Joule and her lovely robots, you get new areas and features.

This includes a whole brand new area called the Eye of Obsidian that brings new dungeons and environments to explore. Joule also gets three new weapon toys to play with and a brand new friend called T8-NK (Corebot) which is something fans have been waiting forever to see release.

Those aspects are nice, but that's not all the love this game has received. It'll also bring improved textures across all versions, be Xbox One X enhanced and sport HDR. If that's not enough for you, the game is Xbox Play Anywhere so you can enjoy the game on PC or the console if you choose so no one misses out. Those that own the game will enjoy this upgrade for free and that is a nice touch for those that supported ReCore.

Give ReCore Definitive Edition a Chance
Aside from being a compelling package with new features alone, the game itself is really good. The first few hours of the story really suck you in with a lead character that's distinct and grants you a group of lovely robots to play with. The narrative is further explored across a lengthy story with many additional dungeons to work through and items to collect.

While I hated the collectible portion of the late game and deathmatch area those are just minor annoyances for others. Since launch the game has been tuned and another issue of long loading has been improved greatly. They have truly put in some time to improve the experience and fixing the issues I had with it.

With the bug fixes this game can be really enjoyable. The world is well designed offering many platforming challenges that require various robots to access and unique color based combat that was exciting. The difficulty varied while playing and aside from the ending I had a pleasant experience in Far Eden.

The story set up an interesting set of lore while building towards what I hope is a future series on the platform. Joule deserved more than what she was given at launch as a strong lead and I'm glad to see these fun robots will get a second shot. You don't even need a Xbox console to enjoy the game if you don't have one, play it on PC and support a great game.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner