Golf With Your Friends Review

"Extreme Mini Golfing"


May 29, 2020 at 8:29pm
By Jason Stettner

This is a rather wacky and insane mini golfing experience that’s meant to be played with large groups of people. The number of individuals in a lobby that it maxes out at is twelve players. This max number of players is present in both local and online multiplayer sessions. There are easy to access online servers, or you can go ahead and host your own private sort of setup.

The game has a good number of courses to it, and a full selection of eighteen holes on each of them. These courses are varied, and range in terms of just how over the top they can become. The courses can also be enjoyed with a number of variations, such as having a puck type ball to shoot.

You can tweak some aspects further, and this provides some additional variation within the overall experience. It is definitely hard to broadly cover this one as the concept is simple, and in general just quite a lot of fun to play. Basically, just not a whole lot to go over with this game.


The visuals are alright, some of the edges were rough and could have used more polishing. That being said, each course carries a decent sense of scale with some strange setups that look so cool. There was a neat water based pirate and mine one, another set within an Egyptian situation. Things are definitely varied, as are the challenges at play.

They have some really challenging sections, and they keep things fresh for the most part as you battle against the strokes that pop up as you fail getting the ball in the hole. It’s simple to play this game, but it does have some slight technical aspects in regards to how you shoot the ball. Going too hard may send your ball flying off into the distance whereas too little might not be enough.

Another neat aspect of this play, is that you can send the ball hopping along the water if you manage to slam it into those parts of a course. The game features a lot of customization, changing the colors and even the hat design of your ball. That was a nice extra to have, for some wacky differences between players.
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The Conclusion

Golf With Your Friends is a lot of fun to play, it includes large player groups yet is somewhat minimal in terms of content and ways to play. I wish there were some additional courses, or further variants. There’s a fair selection of content present, but not enough for the long term.

It provides a generally enjoyable time, whether you’re playing locally or venturing online. It allows everyone to get together, and to customize your little ball. You can tweak things to a degree, and it is fun to play.

At times it’s a delightful little experience, other times it can be frustrating. That’s just the nature of mini golfing, and I think this is a fairly solid release. It’s definitely interesting, and totally different. The music carries things calmly, and I do wish that the visuals were dialed up further for more of a scenic time.

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Golf With Your Friends Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner