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"Interactive Puzzle Story"


Gorogoa is a rather interesting puzzle game as it presents itself in a way that's entirely unique. It's essentially an interactive narrative driven adventure where you guide a boy through time and space. It takes place entirely through a set of squares as you manipulate frames and piece them together to tell a story. As you make certain moves there will be cinematic segments and these form a story. It's rather incredible, and a gorgeous way to tell a tale.

The puzzles can vary from simple to straight up complex. They'll definitely play around with your thought process as you attempt to organize them in a way that moves you forward. There's a certain level of depth to it as well since you're constantly moving through scenes. It's got some great play time to it depending on how fast you're able to solve things. There's a really fresh and interesting story, that works perfectly into the puzzles at play. If you do finish the chapters there's also a special bonus challenge to add on.


This is a simply stunning visual experience, the artwork is yet again just gorgeous. The game is Xbox One X enhanced bringing a sharp 4k resolution. This makes every little detail shine when you're playing and with a look like this, it only enhances the experience.

The entire thing is easy to play as you click your way through the game. Despite that, there's a lot of complexity as you split frames or manipulate the pictures you're viewing. For something so still, there's so much depth and ways to alter the perspectives you're seeing along the way.
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The Conclusion

Gorogoa is a remarkable puzzle experience, it presents an engaging story in such a fresh way. I would have never expected a puzzle game to be so intriguing and this one delivers the entire time. Throughout the entirety of the journey I was interested to see where the narrative would go and the complex way to get there.

It can be difficult, but I didn't think anything was too over the top. It's all about playing around with things and finding the correct way to progress. Moving squares is a fascinating, yet simple control setup and you never knew what would happen as you progressed through the chapters.

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Gorogoa Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 8.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner