Greedfall E3 2018 Preview

Greedfall was one of the most distinct and interesting games I was able to view while at E3 2018. This was a behind closed doors setup where I was able to watch a demo of gameplay and then could ask some questions about it. Greedfall is based around the search for this cure to a disease, the issue has left the homeland ravaged and now a variety of people are on this safe island. This takes place in the 17th century following a various selection of characters that interact with one another.

It's a dialogue heavy tale with many cinematic points. This is linear, yet somewhat open world in how it feels while being split across a series of hub areas. It's like Fable in that regard, with fast travel points in the form of fires. There are many things to see within the environments from random crazy creatures to gorgeous scenery. There's a full day and night cycle where some of these critters will only appear during certain times. You can even collect from small game and from the environment to use with potions or crafting.
Greedfall Screenshot
The crafting system seems to have some depth to it, but we weren't really given too much of a look at it. The game is set to have more than 80 quests available throughout the tale and the more I saw of it, the more I was reminded of Fable according to my notes. This perhaps being a more mature version of that. There's a skill tree as well where you can choose how you want to play from the start. Things such as being magically enabled or say a warrior with skills, attributes and talents to unlock.

Another interesting element is a mix of how combat is presented, there's both gun focused combat and melee with swords as an example. I was somewhat impressed with the combat as well since they showcased a large scale battle with multiple enemies on both sides converging at once. After that we got another look at how this will be an interactive story with branches and a full reputation system. This comes into play with how you interact with the various mentioned factions. Greedfall is set to release in 2019 as a single player experience that will also be Xbox One X enhanced when it releases though no specifics were given.

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