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Greta Bar Calgary is a different sort of establishment, one that aims to provide good times with classic arcade games. There are newer ones too, but this place really does deliver on those original games in an exciting setting. I was invited to their media event evening for the place prior to opening and took note of their launch collection.

I've listed every game below if you'd like to take a look at what was available, the names should be fairly spot on. Keep in mind that these range from standard cabinets to fancier ball rolling stations. For context, Greta Bar Calgary is located at 213 10 Ave SW, AB T2R 0A4 if you're looking for the location and it is a two tier building. I've also split the list based on whether it was on the main level or downstairs.
Greta Bar Calgary Arcade Games Screenshot
The Greta Bar Calgary Arcade Games List
Main Area Games
-Ice Ball
-Mario Kart (Modern)
-The Walking Dead (Modern Shooter)
-Golden Axe
-Street Fighter
-Photo Booth (actual photo booth for pictures)
-Double Dragon
-Down Clown
-Baseball Pro
-Extreme Shot
-Jurassic Park Arcade
-Space Invaders (Modern Shooter)
-Air Hockey
-Cross Road
-Aliens Armageddon
-Football (Something, couldn't quite get the name)

Downstairs Games
-Hockey Slide (Flames/Oilers)
-Air hockey Firestorm
-The Simpsons Arcade
-Big Buck HD Wild
-2019 Golden Tee
-Metallica Pinball
-ACDC Pinball
-The Hobbit Pinball
-Ghostbusters Pinball
-Mortal Kombat
-NBA Jam
-Bubble Bobble
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade
-Pac-Man's Pixel Bash
-X-Men Arcade
-Super Off-Road

Those are all of the games, at least at the launch of the place. It might change over time, hopefully they get Galaga. You can read my preview of Greta below or check out the Calgary hub to see our other coverage of events within the city.

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