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"The Ceiling is a Road"


Grip is all about speed and destruction as you battle the local AI or take the combat online. There's a full campaign of sorts featuring various modes and maps to race across. This is a good starting point as the levels are setup to slowly introduce the various mechanics of gameplay. You're often moving quickly on a traditional setup to then hop against the wall, it's easier to slowly get used to this. Aside from the lengthy amount of career options to play there's also quick matches and online multiplayer present.

You're able to race against the AI or battle them in deathmatch type situations. They offer a plethora of modes whether you are racing or just battling against each other. There's the option for local splitscreen if you'd like or just to fight the bots locally. You can alternatively compete against others online with similar match tweaking options. There's definitely a decent amount of content in this and a variety of ways to experience the game whether you would like to work through set races or just to fool around with the many choices that are present.


The visuals are interesting, they have a distinct film grain and I had to take it off. I suppose this might be a personal tweak, but I suggest looking at it without the style over top. Grip is Xbox One X enhanced providing 4k resolution with HDR support and it does look rather good. It presents a mostly bleak, apocalyptic series or worlds across a number of varying environments.

They have a great selection of maps to race on and each does something different. They also have specific levels for various combative types of situations which were more simplistic in visual style. The cars handle well, the power-ups are neat and the car battles felt frantic. I did notice that the AI were a bit off at times, but for the most part fine competition.
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The Conclusion

Grip is a solid racing title providing many ways to compete with more traditional options or with some exciting competitive modes. There's a nice balance and plenty of options for everyone. The game definitely surprises as it flips your perspective around and the camera does a decent job of keeping up with that.

The worlds were fine, they had unique themes and there were many of them. I liked how they had great options for multiplayer whether you wanted to play locally against the AI, with splitscreen or against others in the online community. There's certainly a wide range of ways to play this if you like it. I generally found it to be an enjoyable car brawling time.

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Grip Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner