Grounded Tips & Tricks

August 2, 2020 at 4:04am
By Jason Stettner

It can be difficult to deal with the grand problems of the backyard in Grounded. It’s a larger than life sort of experience, featuring massive bugs and many problems that can come your way. It does also provide a number of unique options for collecting resources, and building up bases in order to protect yourself.

This can all be experienced by yourself, or with others in cooperative play of up to four at once. It’s easy to join with others, gather tools or armor and battle back against the various creatures that are out there in the spooky wildness. Hopefully these tips are helpful for those trying to make it out alive.

The Grounded Tips & Tricks List
#1 Scanning items is super important, by doing so with every single item you collect you’ll unlock new crafting options to use.

#2 Setup a central workbench and build up some walls. You’ll need a base of operations in relatively flat ground in order to start out from.

#3 Storage is helpful, you can only hold so much once you start out and chests will assist greatly with inventory and resource management.

#4 Build the grass and stalk holding platforms, this is an easy way to stack the essential resources you need for creative work such as walls. You can alternatively tuck them into a scaffolding section in order to keep them safe and secure.

#5 Water is an important resource. With that, search for grubs quickly in order to product a water collecting sack to have on hand. If that’s too far away, building near a water source is helpful. There’s a large punch carton that spits out dew, and that dew can also be found on leaves at times. If you’re advanced enough, a dew collector is great too. A final note is to have a water collector, to store quantities of water for whenever it’s needed.

#6 Food is also an important resource and fairly easy to come by. Either have a spit roast fire to heat up creature guts, or take advantage of mushrooms. Those shrooms can be found naturally growing, or you can create your own garden plot which is nice. I personally built right beside a mushroom area so that I would constantly have fresh ones growing.

#7 Use markers, these are light on resource usage to build and offer so many ways to mark up the backyard area. The house one for the home shelter is particularly essential and helpful. You can color them, and provide a special symbol for each marker.
Grounded Tips
#8 Most ants are fine, as are a number of other docile creatures. When the creatures get red eyes that means they’re coming for you, so be careful.

#9 Scaffolding is a great way to place your house above the ground, and therefore make your base safe from the creatures that may gather below.

#10 Stamina is an important aspect of movement, and combat. There are few times where you won’t have a chance to run away from enemies. If you’re engaging with enemies, take your time and make those swings matter for the most effective combat options.

#11 Resources are everywhere, this is all about exploration and the search for what’s out there in the backyard. As mentioned prior, collecting items can lead to new designs while also providing a wealth of possible crafting solutions. The resources are everywhere out there, you just have to keep looking around to find them.

#12 Armor can be super helpful, not only in terms of a defense but with other benefits as well to your ability to perform well in the game.

#13 There are many quick options using the d-pad. This includes the ability to deliver emotes, as well as access fast crafting. It’s simple to use, and faster than sorting through the menus regularly.

There’s the list of survival tips and tricks in the game, I hope you found this helpful as a resource. You can read our review of Grounded below, or check out the general platform hub for additional coverage.

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