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First off, I'm a huge fan of Guinea Pigs. They're great pets and an option for any type of person with their docile attitude. It's rare that we get to see anything dedicated to these animals and thus Guinea Pig Bridge is filling a void. This is one incredible experience as I initially downloaded it just because I like the animals. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of depth here and the quality of the game. It's a puzzle based game where you're attempting to get the Guinea Pigs to the other side without losing too many of them.

It's quite sad when they get dropped into the water so it's best to get them all over safely. You achieve this by mixing up a selection of square type pieces that can be fit into the worlds. You can go backwards by the move if needed and are able to easily rotate the pieces. There's actually a solid challenge and I'm not even sure if the younger audience would be able to handle it. I loved this aspect as it was really taking some time to solve some of them and that was surprising. On top of this aspect you're able to unlock gear and additional pigs for your pig pen. This area is just a free roam section where you can pet them and dress them up, it's awesome.
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Guinea Pig Bridge is one awesome puzzle game providing a great challenge, charming visuals and a ton of ways to customize your herd. It really is a complete experience for fans of the creatures and it's just generally an excellent puzzle game. I was surprised at the depth and quality here as each level is unique.

They're constantly providing new ways to solve the problems and fresh pieces continue to arrive as you progress. There are multiple regions to explore and more content planned for the future. It's a very creative title and one that's just a blast to play. Be sure to keep the music roaring in the background as the audio is top notch here.

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Guinea Pig Bridge Review on IOS

Rating Overall: 9/10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner